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Documentation of the docker image of Nnpy

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For easier deployment, Nnpy Docker image can be used instead of manually installing everything. The Docker image uses Alpine Linux and is therefore very lightweight.

The repository includes a Dockerfile which can be used to build the Docker image manually. To build the image execute the following command.

$ docker build -t nnpy .

Alternatively, you can pull the pre-built image from Docker Hub.

$ docker pull ankitrgadiya/nnpy

Nnpy uses the SQLite database to store the data. To use the image, you need a database in place.

Once, you have the image pulled/built and SQLite database in place, to run the container you can execute the following command.

$ docker run -v /absolute/path/nnpy.db:/app/nnpy.db -p 8080:80 -d ankitrgadiya/nnpy