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The Pandoc image comes with the latest Pandoc binary from Github Releases. This image is meant to be used by CI/CD services to generate various file formats supported by Pandoc. However, this can also be used instead of distribution specific versions of Pandoc to get the latest version.


The pandoc command can be used by running the container.

$ docker run -it ankitrgadiya/pandoc pandoc <ARGS>

Although even for a very basic setup you’ll probably need to mount the directories in the container so the files that Pandoc writes can be persistent. The -v option of run subcommand can be used to mount directories. To mount the current directory in the container you can substitute pwd command in place of directory. Note that by default the container starts in / directory but you can use -w option to override the default working directory.

$ docker run -v `pwd`:/root/ -w="/root/" -it ankitrgadiya/pandoc pandoc <ARGS>

The image also comes with GNU Make installed so instead of running commands on individual files, you can create a receipe in Makefile and run make command instead.

$ docker run -v `pwd`:/root/ -w="/root/" -it ankitrgadiya/pandoc make


BSD 3-Clause License.