Ankit R Gadiya

Personal Projects

Docker Images

Docker is a container platform. I write and maintain few images for Docker.


I also have some personalised images that I use. They are available at ankitrgadiya/dockerfiles

Arch User Repository Packages

Arch User Repository a.k.a. AUR is a public git hosting for PKGBUILD scripts hosted by Archlinux. I maintain following packages in AUR.

Source of these, along with other modified versions of AUR packages is available at ankitrgadiya/arch


Jekyll Templates

Jekyll is a Ruby based static site generator, which uses Liquid for templating. I’ve made a few templates:

HTML Templates

I wrote some HTML5 templates as well, while I was learning html for the first time.


Bash is the default shell in most of the Linux distros and other UNIX like systems as well. It is also an scripting language which is making lifes of a lot of Sysadmins and others, easier. I’ve written few shell scripts which are available here.


Projects that I’ve contributed in

Fossasia GCI 16 Site

During Google Code-in 2016, I actively contributed for the first time in an open-source project. It was Fossasia GCI 16 Site.

Link: Fossasia GCI-16 Github


With @abishekvashok, I wrote this gem for Fossasia GCI 16 and other websites. Originally, it was written as a script to be used with Travis-CI to test the dimensions of images. But later we created a gem out of it.

Link: Img_checker Gem