Ankit R Gadiya

Personal Projects

Docker Images

Docker is a container platform. I write and maintain few images for Docker.


I also have some personalised images that I use. They are available at ankitrgadiya/dockerfiles

Arch User Repository Packages

Arch User Repository a.k.a. AUR is a public git hosting for PKGBUILD scripts hosted by Archlinux. I maintain following packages in AUR.

Source of these, along with other modified versions of AUR packages is available at ankitrgadiya/arch


Simple Template

A project aiming towards making simple yet fully featured templates for various static site generators.


Jekyll Templates

Jekyll is a Ruby based static site generator, which uses Liquid for templating. I’ve made a few templates:


Bash is the default shell in most of the Linux distros and other UNIX like systems as well. It is also an scripting language which is making lifes of a lot of Sysadmins and others, easier. I’ve written few shell scripts which are available here.


Projects that I’ve contributed in

Fossasia GCI 16 Site

During Google Code-in 2016, I actively contributed for the first time in an open-source project. It was Fossasia GCI 16 Site.

Link: Fossasia GCI-16 Github


With @abishekvashok, I wrote this gem for Fossasia GCI 16 and other websites. Originally, it was written as a script to be used with Travis-CI to test the dimensions of images. But later we created a gem out of it.

Link: Img_checker Gem